Creating an environment where ambitious teams can expand and shape the blockchain ecosystem towards a redistributed future.


The Gnosis Ecosystem Fund empowers teams to drive the adoption of decentralized applications by leveraging the full potential of Gnosis' products and protocols. We provide teams with funding, mentoring, and marketing resources. Enthusiastic about building frameworks and integrations for our products, enhancing user experience, or passionate about new market mechanisms and governance?

This is your opportunity to #BUIDL!


Gnosis will fund a wide range of projects in both topic and scale. We are offering grants of up to $100,000, which will be paid out in GNO. The size of the allocation will depend on the budget outlined in your proposal.


Teams selected for funding will also receive support from a Gnosis developer who will act as a project mentor. Our product managers and communications team will provide ongoing support and guidance.


Teams will have the option of working at Full Node, our co-working space in Berlin. We will provide outreach support, and bigger projects have the opportunity to present their work at DappCon.


You don’t need to come up with your own project to benefit from the Gnosis Ecosystem Fund! We’re offering some interesting bounties to get you started.


Check out our existing product and protocol documentation.